Mel Swart Lake Gibson Conservation Area


Nestled against Thorold’s Lake Gibson, just five minutes down the road from Decew Falls is Mel Swart Lake Gibson Conservation Area. While there are only a few small trails running through this small park (it’s no more than a kilometre in total), the real gem this park has to offer is the boardwalk along the lakeshore. During the day visitors can watch various water fowl and fish swimming on and in the lake, and in the evenings can watch the sunset. At one end of the boardwalk is a small lookout tower for a better view.

You might be wondering who the park is named after. Melvin Leroy Swart lived in Thorold in the mid 90’s, and was an avid believer in preserving the Greenbelt. He was also a politician, serving at Queen’s Park for several years as well as various municipalities and regions for decades. He passed away in 2007. A more complete biography on Mel Swart can be found on the conservation area’s site.

The paths at the park are all paved, providing easy walking for anyone interested in visiting. It’s a popular place for dog walking, and the entire area can be walked in under half an hour at a decent speed. There are plenty of trees surrounding the park, but the park itself is mostly in the sun.

If you have any questions or comments leave them below!

As always, happy hiking!

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