Twenty Valley Trail

Length: Two kilometres

Walking Time: One hour (one way)

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The Twenty Valley Trail runs from Lake Ontario to Balls Falls Conservation Area, up on the escarpment. Much of the trail follows Twenty Mile Creek through Jordan and up to Balls Falls itself. There are several access points throughout Jordan. We chose one spot along the side of Glen Road to begin our hike, but there is an easier access point with stairs near the Jordan Historical Museum.

The trail’s terrain can be pretty uneven at times, as it descends down into the valley to the creek. More than once we thought we had completely lost the trail, only to discover it a few metres ahead. Rocks and roots can also prove hazardous if you’re not careful, so I recommend proper hiking boots or shoes if possible.

Should you follow the trail all the way to the end, you will be greeted with some gorgeous scenery. The trees are exceptionally green this time of year, and there are many small caves to be found, especially along the creek. The creek itself is personally my favourite part of the walk. It can be a small creek or a large river, depending on how much water is rushing over the falls at that time. Early spring usually builds up the creek, thanks to the melting snow. There are plenty of photo opportunities along the creek, especially at the bottom of the falls. However to get there you need to walk along the creek, as the path heads back up the valley to the top of the falls.

Twenty Valley Trail is a great place for an afternoon hike. Don’t forget to bring a camera, you’ll be glad you did!


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